Zibora Gilder


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Course Description:

This course explores the fundamental aspects of American Sign Language (ASL) with an emphasis on student development of basic interpersonal communication skills and cultural aspects of the American Deaf Community.  


Course Objectives:  

Modules 1-20 (ASL I)

  1. Exhibit understanding of visual layering in ASL;

  2. Exhibit understanding of ASL phonology/cherology (i.e, five parameters/parts of a sign);
  3. Recognize and produce 500+ ASL lexical items;
  4. Identify and produce fingerspelled and numerical items;
  5. Recognize and produce simple sentence structures in ASL;
  6. Produce and recognize conversations in social ASL;
  7. Increase awareness of Deaf Culture;
  8. Experience ASL through a variety of mediums; and,
  9. Exhibit the ability to converse with Deaf individuals at a basic level.

Course content

  • Module 1: Features of ASL & English

  • Module 2: Manual Alphabet

  • Module 3a: Greetings & Expressions

  • Module 3b: Greetings & Expressions

  • Class Syllabi

  • Course Resources

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