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This online course accompanies a face-to-face course in which students are reading En la ardiente oscuridad, a play by Antonio Buero Vallejo.  This play presents an allegory of Spain under Franco in a veiled protest of this dictatorship.  As the students read in class, they will simultaneously work on the online unit of protests, looking at protest in literature, protest in visual arts, and protests from history or current events.  Because this is an advanced class, students will complete all material in Spanish, not only working on their language skills but using other skills as well to evaluate, compare, contrast and express themselves in a variety of ways in their reactions and interpretations of the protests we study.  As a culminating project, students will work in pairs to prepare their own protest campaign, creating both an infographic and a persuasive speech on the issue of their choice.  

Course details:

The course consists of six modules, or unidades.  Each module is intended to last a week, and the work within each should take between 3-8 hours to complete.  The final module includes a creative assignment to be completed in pairs.

In this course, the week runs from Monday to Sunday (11:59 p.m.).

Due dates are given for each activity/assignment.  

You will submit all homework to the "Tasks" section, with the exception of "Discussion" posts (3.1, 3.3, 4.1, 4.2 and 5.1), which will be posted to "Discussions."

There are many documents and links included in the modules, and they can also be found on the Recursos y materias page.  On this page, materials are organized by module.

From here on, all material in this course will be in Spanish.

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