Dim Karakostas

Born in Karditsa, Greece, spent most of his youth there and at Neochori village in lake Plastira. Later lived in several other places, including Athens, Crete island, and Plymouth, England. Now lives in Faliro a suburb in the south of Athens. His education includes, among others, a BSc in Computing and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence from University of Plymouth, UK. He previously worked as Analyst Programmer in a Software House, and for more than twenty years, as ICT teacher in High Schools. In his spiritual path realized that people create beliefs about what is happening that do not help them move more deeply into Truth. He knows this is so because he did it for over thirty years. He studied eastern spiritual systems and met many gurus. While these were all rich and wonderful experiences he believes that as a teacher he has only the possibility of pointing the students in the direction they need to go.


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This Course introduces a series of treasured secrets and key-practices which are seen as key factors for the scientific -and therefore effective and reliable- implementation of the Law of Attraction. Without the awareness of these secrets, aspiring reality creator(s) risk(s) “manifesting” anything from failed to different and even completely opposite results to what they were initially aiming for.


Course content

  • Subconscious Opposition

  • Eliminating all Negative Factors

  • Constructing Guided Thought-Forms

  • Protocol on the Transmission of Guided Thought-Forms

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