MOOC on European Project Management for Erasmus+ KA1


Paola Panfili AMFI International


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AMFI is an Organisation active in the field of International Mobility, Vocational and Lingustic Training.

It  proposes and promotes International Projects and Activities of non-formal education within the framework of the main European Programmes, in the belief that the Union’s wealth resides  in its countries’ cultural differences.

AMFI supports and encourages Transnational Mobility within vocational training as a tool for  Intercultural Dialogue promotion based on peoples' mutual understanding.

It supports several organisations as well as public and private institutions in Counseling and Planning activitieson European Programmes and Europlanning.

Writing an EU project is getting more and more challenging. It requires the knowledge of processes and tools that you have to get acquainted with. With this practical course you can find all the answers to your many doubts. At the end of the course, you will feel comfortable enough to write your own KA1 Project.

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