Module IV: Developing Parent Partnerships with Quality Communication


Vikki Hall

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Teachers Involving Parents Learning Series

In this module, the participant will gain a better understanding of how to establish and maintain communication with parents. 

Developing Parent Partnerships with Quality Communication  

Course contains

  A printable interactive study guide

  Multimedia course content

Resources for further study on the topic of parent communication

Optional printable certificate of completion for documentation

Overview of the course syllabus

  • Identify strategies to engage parents in communication
  • Understand the importance of establishing parent contact early in the school year
  • List questions to ask parents when developing a partners



Course content

  • Resource: printable interactive study guide

  • Learning Objectives

  • Introduction

  • Create a Welcome Packet

  • Notes and Reflection (Part 1)

  • Purposeful Parent Compacts: a Title I Mandate

  • Parent Meeting: Questions for Partnership

  • Notes and Reflection (Part 2)

  • Communication Powerups

  • Final Thoughts

  • Further Study

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