Module E: Teaching Online and Building Collaborative Learning Communities


Jori Leskelä

Principal Lecturer


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This module comprises themes such as planning of online teaching, creating of online learning environments, multi-skilled teaching, networking and training towards online education applications design.

Teacher students
• can describe the characteristics of online teaching and learning
• can demonstrate understanding of theories underpinning learning communities
• can apply education technologies, social media tools in teaching and facilitation
• are digitally literate
• can describe the pedagogical foundations of meaningful e-learning
• know the principles of instructional design
• know how to operate in a global collaborative learning environment online
• build and foster learning communities and communities of practice
• have developed their professional identity as an online facilitator and teacher
• have increased their professional networks

Core questions:
• What is a learning community?
• What is a community of practice and learning as social participation?
• How can you support collaborative learning in an online environment?
• How can a teacher make use of application design in planning teaching and learning?
• What factors contribute to meaningful e-learning?
• How can you incorporate the idea of “learning everywhere and all the time in communities” into a seamless flow of learning for students?
• Why are multi-professional networks important in education?

Module implementation: Students work individually and in small groups on their contact education days, in other small group meetings and online. The module also includes applying modern education technology in teaching and learning online and offline.

Course content

  • Schedule

  • Materials: e-books, links, list of useful books....

  • Tagul world for e-tools

  • Digital learning by Gilly Salmon (guidelines for e-teachers)

  • Assignment Brief  for TAMK participants

  • Networking practice (for TAMK participants)

  • TAMK participants' gmail addresses

  • UK participants' gmail addresses

  • Book your team's guidance session

  • Contact Day Programme 18 Aug

  • Contact day programme 15 September

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