Darren Trofimczuk

Entrepreneur & Educational Technology Specialist

Darren Trofimczuk is a fully qualified technology teacher with over 11yrs of experience. Darren has worked in schools in both London and Helsinki and now runs a technology business called TrofTech.

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* Course will be free until 30th March 2015


This course is designed to help support anyone wishing to use mobile projection technology for improving public or private presentations. The course is highly suited for anyone working within education that wish to utilise the mobile projection technology with mobile devices such as tablets and laptops. The early stages of the course will focus on the installation and setup steps for the Apple TV, Chromecast and ActionTec ScreenBeam Pro.


In addition to the setup & installation lessons, the course will also examine the key uses for Apple TV, Chromecast and ActionTec. In the final stages of the course there will be optional lessons for using multiple tablet devices with the same mirroring device and a lesson for discussing new and upcoming exciting projection mobile devices available on the market.  The instructions will be mostly in English, but videos will be available in both English & Finnish.


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Darren Trofimczuk 

(Technology Specialist at TrofTech)


Pete Stockley

(Mobile Systems Specialist at InnoOmnia)



The course is designed to help anyone better understand how to correctly install and use the Apple TV, Chromecast and ActionTech in their classroom or presentation facility. On completion of the course students will feel much more confident in using these devices to enhance their presentations or stream different media.


  • Total of 5 lessons (lessons 1-4 are compulsory and lesson 5 & 6 are optional)
  • Sub-lessons (installation & functions) for Apple TV, Chromecast and ActionTech
  • 3 Quizzes + 1 picture submission task (connected device)


  • Completion certificates will only be awarded on completion of lessons 1-4 and the three quiz tasks (scores need to be over 75% for each quiz) and one picture submission for the device connection task.
  • Quiz scores will be given back at the end of each quiz and a maximum of two attempts are allowed.


The course will be split into four key sections and will focus on installation & setup, followed by lesson and app ideas for each device.

Apple TV

Screenbeam Pro

Other Devices


Course content

  • Lesson 1: Device Comparison and Descriptions

  • Lesson 2 (Part 1): Apple TV Installation & Setup

  • Lesson 2 (Part 2): Apple TV Lesson ideas and Apps

  • Lesson 3 (Part 1): Chromecast Installation & Setup

  • Lesson 3 (Part 2): Chromecast Lesson ideas and Apps

  • Lesson 4 (Part 1): ActionTec ScreenBeam Pro Installation & Setup

  • Lesson 4 (Part 2): ActionTech ScreenBeam Pro Lesson ideas & Setup

  • Lesson 5 (Optional): Other Devices

  • Lesson 6 (Optional): Using multiple tablet operating systems on the same mirroring device

  • Glossary

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