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This is a course to be completed over an 8-week period exploring the concept of mindfulness and how to apply it to daily living.  This site contains the activities spread out over the 8 weeks integrating the book Mindfulness: A Practical Guide by Tessa Watt (2012).

Course outcomes:

1. Assess personal stress status

2. Practice breath and body awareness, body/mind connection, and thought awareness in stillness and in movement

3. Practice a variety of activities mindfully, including eating, walking, exercising, sitting, conversing, and using social media

4. Balance nourishing and depleting self

5. Build a toolbox for continued use of mindfulness

Required Materials:

Book: Mindfulness: A Practical Guide by Tessa Watt (2012)

Access to internet

Journal and pencil

Optional Materials:

Meditation cushion

Yoga mat

Course content

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