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Since time prehistoric, humanity has used organized violence as a way of attaining its political and economic aspirations. War and organized violence have shaped cultures, human geography, and political systems. We will investigate the causes of, and changing nature of, warfare and how it has affected individuals, societies, and national boundaries.

This is not a course on military tactics or a chance for “armchair generals” to debate alternative history, but instead an investigation into the nature of the beast that is warfare.

This course is designed as an honors course with a significant amount of reading. Class periods will consist of lectures and mediated discussions, with the requirement that students come to class prepared by reading. The amount of reading and writing in this course closely matches a survey level university course.

The first 6-week grading period of the course is designed to give students a framework through which they can study war. The 2nd and 3rd 6-week grading periods will be devoted to specific wars.

The outline of this course is complete up to unit 6. As lectures are given to my on-campus class, I will upload them.

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