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How do you know if you are, or need to be, a Micro Manager or a Macro Manager?

In business management, Micro management is a management style whereby a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees. Rather than giving general instructions on smaller tasks and then devoting time to supervising larger concerns, the micro manager monitors and assesses every step of a business process and avoids delegation of decisions.

The positives are that micro managing allows the manager to know what's going on in every aspect of their department and affords employees the opportunity to develop both their personal and leadership skills


Macro Managing is defined as: “the act of leading Decision Makers”. Macro Managing runs on the belief that support staff are competent in their job duties and require little supervision to complete their assigned everyday tasks. They are given a number or goal and are expected to reach it on their own.

The benefit of macro managing is that managers get to keep their eye on the bigger picture and not worry about the minor details micro managers busy themselves with every day.


Depending on what your job title is, it is more beneficial to be one or the other but sometimes you must be a mix of both to have a successful team.

Learning Objectives:

We will discuss

  • Macro v. Micro Managing
  • Manging Managers
  • Team management
  • Effective Coaching and Leadership Skills
  • Improving Leadership Skills


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Course content

  • Macro V Micro Managing

  • Managing Managers

  • Team Management

  • Effective Listening & Coaching Skills

  • Improving Macro Leadership Skills

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