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Anna Konrad-Parisi
it sucks lmao go find a better course
Anna Konrad-Parisi
Pretty rad
Anna Konrad-Parisi
Freakin fantastic
Kiera Egan
This course truly changed my life. I learned things that I've never known before and gotten test scores that if I came home with I would never even dream of achieving, thanks to the well thought out lesson plans designed by my teacher. I would highly recommend this class to anyone willing to learn the secrets of the universe


"Half the world can be learned from books. The other half can be learned while living it. Not an ounce can be learned in school."

-Michael Sluck

    Join my school. You will learn nothing, and in so, learn everything. 

    You are currently living your life. (If your not alive, wrong course. If you have no life, try this course. It won't help, but everyone knows you have nothing better to do.) In your life, there will be obstacles. If you haven't encountered any, then your life is boring. Take this course to make your life harder. If you have faced obstacles, this course is just an easy way of learning what you learned the hard way. So, join Michael's School of Higher Learning, to learn nothing. 

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  • Social Interaction

  • Romance

  • Science

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