Meta House Confidentiality and Privacy Safeguards


Andrea Jehly


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The purpose of this course is to make sure all employees know the ways we protect client confidentiality and privacy at Meta House.  You will be responsible for using these safeguards in your work at Meta House, so please pay close attention to the material.

There will be quizzes included that you are required to pass before you receive your certificate for completing the course.

Course content

  • Clients' Right to Confidentiality

  • What is Protected Health Information (PHI) for Meta House Clients?

  • Safeguards

  • Inquiries About Individuals Concerning their Status as a Client at Meta House

  • Contacting Clients or Prospective Clients

  • Emailing PHI

  • Faxes

  • Mailboxes, Trash, and Offices

  • PHI in Staff Offices

  • Visitors

  • Staff Conversations

  • Electronic Access to PHI

  • Electronic Storage of PHI

  • Calendars and Appointment Books

  • Paper Charts/Records

  • Outside of Meta House

  • Releases

  • Confidentiality Breaches

  • Questions?

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