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Welcome to The Redwoods Company!

The Redwoods Company was founded in 2009 by Mischa and Shelly Redmond. Since then, Redwoods has grown into a successful merchant service company with several employees and independent agents, and over 3,000 active merchants.

Credit cards and electronic payment cards have been around for several decades. The use of credit cards exploded with the arrival of the World Wide Web 22+ years ago. With millions of credit card users in the country, there is an obvious high demand for the acceptance of credit cards. For any given business, accepting credit cards can potentially increase business by an estimated 50%. McDonalds is a perfect example of a large corporation that spent a tremendous amount of resources studying the effect credit cards would have on their business. The result of these studies led to McDonalds taking cards at all of their locations. Merchant Services Providers (MSP’s) and Independent Sales Organizations (ISO’s) such as The Redwoods Company, exist to provide the services necessary to accept credit cards. MSP’s and ISO’s are all partnered with a sponsoring bank. An example of a sponsoring bank would be Wells Fargo, FNBO, Fifth Third Bank and US Bank, to name a few. This relationship gives them a strong foundation when entering a merchant agreement with your future clients. The Redwoods Company believes in the establishment of a close relationship with all of our account executives. Account Executives are the backbone of our entire operation and we recognize the importance that professional training and development can provide for each of our team members.

The Redwoods Company prides itself on superior customer service. We’ve built a support team of customer service agents, management staff, and senior reps to make sure that you and your merchants have the best experience!

The goal is clear - build relationships with local businesses by providing fair rates and ethical service. This seems like an obvious business practice, but in the world of Merchant Services, ethical and honest practices are not the norm.

Mischa has always believed that a strong business that continues to be exciting, and profitable starts with the right team. Once you have the right people in the right places - you keep those people happy! The rest will fall into place.

This is very apparent at The Redwoods Company - we want you to be successful and happy. This all starts from day one!

Our training process is designed to ensure you are ready for the field. This three step process starts right here online!

1. Online Training
2. Classroom Training
3. Field Training

Please take notes, and contact us with any questions! We are here to make sure you are comfortable and confident!

Let's get started!!!

Review each of the following modules listed below, once you are complete, go to tasks section to complete the quizzes, remember to save the documents in the modules you might need them for your test or future sales.

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