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Vanessa White


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Nau mai, haere mai Westmount School team!


This course provides a very brief introduction to mentoring, with opportunities to explore readings, discuss ideas and co-construct understanding. This space has been created just for your community of practice at Westmount School in Taranaki, in response to a request for information and professional support regarding mentoring. This module is a place designed to incite curiosity, reflection and conversations, so please jump on in, take a look around and see what catches your interest.

If you enjoy this module, or simply have a deeper interest in mentoring practices, I recommend enrolling in the mentoring and supervision paper offered by Massey University, as this will provide the opportunity to explore in much more depth.


A bit about the me

My name is Vanessa White. I am a specialist educator in gifted and talented education, based in Hamilton, Waikato. I value the privilege of being able to provide support and guidance through provision of information, advice and resources to those seeking it. My work includes assisting families with gifted children, as well as engaging with educators who are seeking to enhance their professional understanding around giftedness and talent, develop their repertoire of skills, and add to their kete of resources. To read my full bio please visit my website, Lifting the Lid.


Before you delve in...

I encourage you, individually or as a group, to brainstorm all the words that come to mind when you think of mentoring, and create a word cloud using Wordle, Taxedo or something similar. This will provide you with a pre-assessment which you can look back on when you have completed the module, to see your level of learning.

Once you have done that, I invite you to work your way through the topics in the left hand pane to begin your exploration of mentoring. The topics can be added to at any stage so, if you have questions and/or topics you would like explore further, then please let me know and I will ferret around and find some resources to add to this site to get you started. Likewise if you would like resources added to the site which you have found useful, please email to me to add to the module.


Happy exploring!!

Ngā mihi,

Vanessa White






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