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Daniel Schubert

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Course Description

This training will help the student understand and live what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The course will also provide the environment for present and future self- examination and growth, both in a personal walk with Jesus Christ.

Course Introduction

To properly live out our calling as a disciple of Christ, and to be able to help those around us, it is critical the student: (1) have a thorough knowledge of biblical content about the life and practice of a disciple, (2) understand how that content applies and relates to a counselor’s personal life (or character) in specific ways, (3) develop the essential skills of a disciple, and (4) then to grow in an understanding of our responsibility to believers around us, as well as inspire and induce them to implement and integrate these truths into their lives and relationships (Ezra 7:10). Consequently, all assignments and teaching in this training course will be aimed not merely at delivering biblical content, but also at developing the student’s character and skills in order to understand and apply Scripture in a very practical and specific way to the issues of life.

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