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Welcome to the Member Services Team! 


We are honored to have you join us as a Member Services Coordinator with Women of Impact!

This course is designed to teach the fundamental introductory tools needed to be successful within your new position.

A grade of 90% or higher is needed to successfully pass this course.

You can access your grades and follow along with your course progress within this course shell.


Course Details:

3 Week Course (Students have the option to finish Week 3 early if desired)


Week One: Accessible on 2/28/2017

MSC Role Description

MSC Role Overview

WOI Email Account

Private Virtual Office

New Member Beginnings

New Member Success Tracker

New Member Welcome Call

Course Assignments (accessible via the TASKS Tab)

Threaded Discussion Week One (accessible via the DISCUSSIONS Tab)



Week Two: Accessible on 3/4/2017

MSC LIVE Virtual Meet and Greet (Event held on 3/6/17 via the WEBINAR Tab)

The Members Lounge

The Impact Cafe'

The Coffee Corner

Sisterhood Spotlight Nominations

Current Member Support Services

Current Member Support Emails

Current Member Support Tracker

Current Member Support Survey

Course Assignments (accessible via the TASKS Tab)


Week Three: Accessible on 3/13/2017

Introduction to New Member Orientation

Post-Orientation New Member Survey

Course Assignments (accessible via the TASKS Tab)

Course Final Exam (accessible via the TASKS Tab)


Your success is our priority. If you need help, please feel free to contact us here


Impactful Blessings!


Jessica T., Women of Impact

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