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Course Overview:

Emerging technologies, strict regulations, and increased competition create many challenges for New Product Development in the medical equipment industry. This course, developed & conducted by InnAccel Acceleration Services, fulfills the need for a comprehensive learning in MedTech Innovation from Concept to Market. The curriculum addresses the following key aspects to build successful products:

  • Unmet need analysis,
  • Solution concept generation,
  • Design & development process,
  • Understanding of regulatory compliance,
  • Engineering for safe devices with predicatable performance,
  • Mitigating commercial and financial risks. 


Course Outcomes:

CO1: Understand the needs methodically for MedTech Invention

CO2: Learn the basic requirements of MedTech Product

CO3: Understand the Design Engineering behind Medical Device Development

CO4: Learn the Validation and Regulatory aspects of Medical Devices

CO5: Understand the basic project Management principle for Medical Devices


Offered by: InnAccel is India's first medical technology acceleration company focused on innovation for low and mid-income markets. InnAccel has built a proprietary innovation platform, and forged partnerships with national and global entities, to support startups and entrepreneurs. InnAccel is led by an experienced management team and advised by industry leading experts.

Experts who will be teaching the course are

1. A Vijayarajan, Founder, CTO

A. Vijayarajan (AVR) is a medical technology veteran with over 30+ years of experience. He was head of Product Development at GE Medical Systems and created India’s first indigenously developed MedTech product. He also led the development of India’s first robotic system for tumor ablation at Perfint Healthcare, one of India’s leading MedTech startups. AVR’s vast experience includes the positions of Chief Executive, Health Sciences (Wipro) and Vice President (Hewlett Packard).


2. Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi, Director, Clinical Innovation

Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi is an ENT surgeon trained at St. John’s Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, a Stanford-India Biodesign (SIB) Fellow 2012, and holds an MBA degree in Entrepreneurship and Hospital Management (NIBM). His core expertise lies in the process of identifying and analyzing unmet clinical needs for quick development of low-cost and high quality medical devices. Since 2010, he has co-invented, developed and commercialized multiple affordable medical devices.


Coordinated by Abhishek Appaji M, BMSCE


This  course will be more of Activity based learning and the concepts taught have to implemented in terms of Assignments, reading, team work, interactions, discussions, problem solving, analytical thinking, etc for which the participant will be graded

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