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Thank you for joining me for this course. It's great to see more and more trainers and aspiring trainers that are seeking out new ways to help improve their knowledge, skills and development.


I am glad you found me, it's my hope that you find some awesome value in this course and that it ill help you think about your current situation as a trainer. So, I'll ask you a simple question.




Answer honestly! And don't worry if you answered yes. Within the next hour or so you will learn a few ways to help you stand out and add value to what you do. It will give you some ideas and inspiration that you may need to follow up on or even read and study further to develop your understanding. But that shouldn't be an issue. You're here aren't you?


Being like everyone else is a bad idea...same as trying to copy. How can you stand out if you are the same? How will people notice you if you are an imitation or because you are following the trend? Are you worried about what people will think or have a fear that you will miss out? Maybe you're thinking you might be criticised or are not good enough? Please don't let any of this stop you. There are people I have mentioned within this course that can help you with that.


There are many things to learn and some tasks to complete along the way, to start you thinking about what lies ahead. I'm really excited to be able to share with you some of what we believe will help you build a successful career while establishing yourself as one of the best trainers in your area.


As well as the technical information, we also put a huge effort towards instilling the need for a great customer experience. Examples are demonstrating great knowledge, great service and wanting to continually learn and improve ourselves. All of this is grounded in an intrinsic need to care for and help our clients and gym members to change their lives


Do not give it a second thought if you wish to contact me for help, support or even to give feedback. I'm always looking for ways to improve the courses available so that together we can set some new standards for the fitness industry in India.


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