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Jeanette Dennisson is an instructor at Tokyo Medical and Dental University. She is currently involved in teaching and developing programs that incorporate Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) for undergraduate students in the health sciences.

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In this course, we will improve oral communication competency through small-group discussions on science-related topics.

Focus will be placed on how to:

  1. listen actively,
  2. add to the conversation,
  3. clearly and correctly speak on topic, and
  4. think critically.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to…

  1. read text for gist and critically summarize it
  2. present the pros and cons of a topic to encourage small-group discussion
  3. give and justify opinions for both texts they have read and discussion topics presented in class
  4. use appropriate body language to express your opinion within small-group discussions


            Attendance:     15%

 Class assignments:     40%

                  Quizzes:     15%

Final speaking test:     30%


Students are expected to prepare for discussions outside of class time. It is recommended to have regular access to some form of portable electronic device (e.g., tablet, notebook PC) for use in- and outside the class.


Most authentic material will come from two websites: Science Daily ( and/or TED Talks ( There is no textbook.

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