Marinella P. Garcia Sy, Ph.D.

Development Education Specialist

I am an advocate of ICT-integration in instruction as a means of improving the quality of basic education. Thus, designing this online course in Climate Change Education provides another channel of learning for the STE junior high school students in preparation for their senior high school and tertiary education.

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Mary Grace Macion
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Thesis Seminar is a course that requires prior knowledge in Research Methods. It emphasizes the different trends and innovations in Education that are potential sources of research problems for Thesis Writing. 

At the completion of the course, the students are expected to:

01. Acquire ample knowledge on the fundamentals of thesis writing;

02. Identify a research topic/problem for thesis writing;

03. Anchor the proposed research topic on the thrusts of the National Higher Education Research Agenda (NHERA 2) of the Commission of Higher Education (CHED);

04. Develop and write a research proposal; and,

05. Appreciate the importance of research writing skills to one's teaching profession. 

Course content

  • L01. CHED priority research areas in the Social Sciences

  • L02. The Thesis Proposal

  • L03. Thesis Proposal Evaluation Tool

  • L04. Quantitative Thesis Evaluation Rubric

  • L05. Fundamentals of Research Writing (Part I)

  • L06. Fundamentals of Research Writing (Part II)

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