Kelsey Stevenson


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Course Description

Welcome to Marine Biology! In this course, we will be introducing and exploring topics relating to ocean characteristics, marine life, and marine ecology.  This class meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during 5th period, and will meet for the duration of the year.

Required Materials

  • composition notebook
  • pens/pencils
  • scissors & glue
  • colored pencils, markers, etc

Student Expectations

In order to provide the most opportunities for cooperative and project-based learning, there are a few behaviors that I expect all students to strive to achieve.  First and foremost, please come prepared to class every day!  Students are also expected to work cooperatively in groups, apply themselves independently, and carefully follow both verbal and written instructions to create a safe and successful learning environment.  Above all, I expect all students to give their best effort to each assignment.

Course Assessment

To monitor student progress over the course of the year, I will be looking at classwork, homework, and notebook entries. Student understanding of unit content and overall concepts will be measured with cumulative notebook assessments and unit based projects.

Course content

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