Management of Pediatric Diabetes in the Camp Setting


Ken Piercey

Nursing Coordinator: Camp Huronda

Ken Piercey is a Registered Nurse currently living in Hamilton. Ken has a background as an Outpost/Flight Nurse in the Canadian Arctic, Emergency Room Nurse in Hamilton, and Camp Nurse with Camp Huronda. Ken has been the Training Coordinator for the McMaster First Response Team, as well as the Medical Liaison to the McMaster Outdoor Club. Ken is the owner of Hard and Fast CPR and First Response Training. He instructs courses with the Canadian Red Cross, and Wilderness Medical Associates International. Ken is currently the Nursing Coordinator for Camp Huronda, a summer camp for children with type 1 diabetes.


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Target Audience:    

   Camp counsellors, Nurses, Nursing Students


  •    Camp Huronda Medical Manual of Operations
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  • The content of this course is not meant to replace on site training at your facility it is meant to supplement local policies and protocols.
  • We hope the resources will increase your comfort with managing the Health Care of the Diabetic Camper.
  • Use discussions to collaboratively build on the course content and share knowledge amongst providers of paediatric diabetic health teams.


  • ​This is a self guided journey through paediatric diabetes in the camp setting
  • Browse through the topics on the left of the screen and focus your time on content based on your personal experience and background.
  • Identify any new topics or material to advance the syllabus in the Discussions section.


  • There are a number of Quizs and Case studies to apply the knowledge of the material to practice. These evaluations are for your own knowledge and competence. Please add any resources or knowledge you have or find to our discussions to improve the course content for future Health Teams.


The links, videos, and documents referenced throughout this course are free and open to public access online. I do not claim to have created these resources. This course helps to highlight some of the key resources available.

This information is supplementary to your camp's policies and guidelines, please consult with your organizations medical director prior to implementing any new management plans.

This is the first attempt at providing educational materials in this fashion and as such I emplore you to provide us with as much feedback as possible:

  • What resources to add or take away
  • What topics can be added
  • Any information that you personally have that would be relevant to others


This is not a secure website so DO NOT post any confidential patient information, names of campers, photos, or other information that should not be made public.

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