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Course description

The course is in form of discussion and it requires active participation from the students. Current IT problems in Nigerian society as well as globally will be discussed, based on number of topical issues defined by the teachers involved in the course. The course requires active work by the students. There will be no classical final examination.

Learning objectives/outcomes

After having completed the course the students are expected to

• To understand, based on the recent research literature the factors involved in the process of taking into use of IT in organisations

• To be able to distinguish between different sort of licencing arrangements for software (standard licenses, open source licenses) and their consequences for end users

• To be able to understand the causes of a number of recent IT failures (banks, railway company, public health care IT systems), in light of the latest research findings.


Resources will be based on current academic textbook and journal literature, and this will be defined by the teacher.

Assessment criteria

There will be no classical examination but purely based of the student's active participation.

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