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Neil Lazarus

Neil Lazaruus

"His presentations are substantive, educational and hugely entertaining. He successfully communicates an impressive body of knowledge" Neil Lazarus is the Director and founder of He is an internationally acclaimed expert in the field of effective communication training and leadership. His seminars are fun, informative and entertaining and are causing a sensation. His inspirational and empowering messages excite audiences throughout the world. He speaks to over 35,000 people a year in his unique and energetic style. Neil is a key note speaker for conferences and seminars worldwide.

Reviews (4)

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Josh Nagli
Very informative and interesting course! Would definitely recommend to others!
Alex Schnapp
Neil does a fantastic job letting you in on some invaluable secrets and keys to effective and impactful public speaking. As a public speaker himself, lecturing in a number of different countries all over the world each year, he has over twenty years of experience speaking in front of audiences of thousands of people. He knows how to captive the audience and pull them in, ensuring they understand and make connections, learn and have fun at the same time. This course is great for beginning public speakers as well as those who have been involved in the trade for years. Neil truly loves what he does and skillfully shares with you his knowledge and personal experience on how to artfully and flawlessly speak in front of a large group of people.



Welcome to our course.

Welcome to this course. I am delighted that you have decided to join one of the world's largest  growing industries. Top speakers are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per speech.  The unique character of this course is that it taught by a key note speaker. This is not theory - this is based on skills practiced and tried in front of thousands of auidences worldwide.

In a world where jobs are rare, there is one area of employment that is not only growing but people are making alot of money. As a public speaker, you get paid to talk about a subject you know and love. You can learn to motivate others and make money doing it.

Those who speak, reap the benefits. Infact public speakers, motivational speakers, workshop and seminar presenters can be among the highest earners in the world

Tony Blair makes $250,000 per lecture, Bill Clinton gets even more.

This course shows you how to speak with impact and is the only public speaking course on  taught by a professional speaker.

You will be taken step by step in not only how to prepare and present a speach, but how to use soical media to self promote yourself.

Within a few hours you will be able to stun audiences with your new communication skills.

Never forget what you want to say and never use PowerPoint again (the real professionals have replaced it with something much better and easier to use).

This online public speaking course reveals secrets only discovered by an instructor who is teaching his own profession. If you want to learn to speak with impact, take a course from a leading professional.

Split into easily comprehensible sections, the course will guide you through the stages of; researching your audience, presenting your speech and ending with impact.

By following short and easy to follow videos, you will learn how to create a presentation that will literally wow your audience. In addition to the lectures you will also be able to read some great "cheat sheets" and notes prepared for you.

This public speaking course is different from others as it does not set out artificial rules for speaking. It reveals the secrets of the trade based on the experience of a professional speaker who addresses over 30,000 people a year in five countries. Soon, you too, could be making a six figure salary in public speaking.

Take this Public Speaking Course right now and learn effective public speak for money.


Course content

  • 5 habits of effective speakers

  • Preparing a speech

  • Starting a speech with impact

  • Story telling

  • Answering tough questions

  • Speaking with your hands

  • Effective eye contact

  • The secrets of effective powerpoint

  • How to end a speech

Interested? Enroll to this course right now.

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