Samira Aceravis

Hey, I am Samira Aceravis. CC & Daughter of Hades. I might not be that friendly, and not have that many friends, but I don't really mind. Which means that I won't feel any sorrow for kicking you out of my class if you misbehave. You don't really need to know, but I'm 17 years old, and as you probably have found out by now, my temper isn't the best. And don't try to steal anything or sneak up to me, I'll throw knives to everything that moves when I'm suspecting something. And that's no joke. But don't be scared, I won't hurt you in the lessons, the animals wil though if you don't LISTEN TO ME. I hope you enjoy my course...


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So, you've decided to follow lessons about “Creatures”. In this class, we’ll be talking about all of the creatures that you should know of, and we’ll meet some of them too!

If you want to survive the practical lessons, here are some rules:

  1. ALWAYS DO AS I SAY if you don’t, either the creature or I myself might kill you.
  2. NEVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN even with the nicest creatures, you never know if they will be startled or for some other reason attack you.
  3. IF I TELL YOU TO RUN AWAY, DO SO Still follow rule 1.
  4. DON’T GET ME ANNOYED I am a daughter of Hades, and have a very bad temper, be warned.

NEVER FORGET THOSE RULES I can’t make it more clear, you’ll probably get killed.

For the rest of the lessons, just pay attention, write down all of the notes, and do your homework.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to contact me. I won't kill my students.


Syllabus for year 1:

  • Week 1: Satyrs, informational lesson
  • Week 2: Satyrs, practical lesson
  • Week 3: Sphinx, informational lesson
  • Week 4: Sphinx, practical lesson
  • Week 5: Unicorns, informational lesson
  • Week 6: Unicorns, practical lesson
  • Week 7: Cerberus, informational lesson
  • Week 8: Cerberus, practical lesson
  • Week 9: Finals, Test on both practical and informational

As you can see, each week we have an informational and a practical lesson.



  • Year 1: Introduction to creatures
  • Year 2: Friendly creatures, Part 1
  • Year 3: Dangerous creatures, Part 1
  • Year 4: Friendly creatures, Part 2
  • Year 5: Dangerous creatures, Part 2
  • Year 6: Healing (with) creatures
  • Year 7: Fighting creatures
  • Year 8: Taming creatures
  • Year 9: Working with creatures
  • Year 10: Final year, Exam and training in chosen part



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  • 1 January - 7 January

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