Misty Swanson

Hello, all! My name is Misty Swanson, and during the school year I attend the wonderful school Hogwarts is Here, and during the summer I attend Half-Blood United. I am a daughter of Athena, and a follower of Hecate, as well as being the head of the Hecate cabin. I teach Magical Arts to my fellow campers, and enjoy it very much!

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Welcome to Magical Arts, one of the more mystical and complex classes. Here you can learn how to control and manipulate the Mist, create and dispel illusions, and even make material transformations. We will also learn a little about the patron goddess of the Mist, and magic, Hecate, Goddess of Magic.
At the end of each lesson there will be a practical assignment and sometimes a quiz as homework.
Be warned - magic is not as easy as just snapping your fingers, it is a difficult process that requires you put just as much in as you will be getting out of it. Do think you are up to the challenge?

Class Rules

I. Be respectful of the other students and myself.
II. Pay attention, and take this course seriously.
III. Do not plagiarize, it will get you an automatic 0%.


Lesson I - Unlocking Your Power
Lesson II - The Importance of Illusion
Lesson III - Manipulating Objects
Lesson IV - Manipulating Surroundings
Lesson V - Hecate, Goddess of the Mist (And Midterm)
Lesson VI - Mist and Mortals
Lesson VII - Mist and Monsters
Lesson VIII - Mist and Monsters
Lesson IX - Review and Final








Course content

  • Unlocking Your Power

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