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This is the online First Aid Course for Lumino designated first aiders to be used in conjunction with onsite Dental Modular Certificate Course.

You can work through this course at your own pace.

This course will need to be completed using a computer that has an internet connection and can play embedded you-tube videos.

The course is made up of 11 videos for you to watch and concludes with 25 multi-choice questions.

In order to gain certification you need to complete the multi-choice test which can be found under the "Tasks" tab

An 80% pass mark is required.

You can attempt the multi-choice test as many times as you want. 

Once you have achieved an 80% pass mark or better you can submit your multi-choice test for Emcare to then review and issue you a certificate via email.

Please complete and submit your test at least 48 hours prior to your practical course so we can ensure you are issued with your certificate.

If you are having trouble with any of the questions re-watch the video from the appropriate section.

You will be asked to show a copy of your certificate to the course instructor on the day of your practical  course.


Most of the content of this course can be found free of charge at:

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