Linux Server Setup Essentials

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Aleksey Grebeshkov

My name is Aleksey Grebeshkov (Ph.D.), I'm entrepreneur and also author, associate professor and researcher at the Kyiv National Economic University (Kyiv City, Ukraine). My areas of interest include information management, project management, innovation management, information technologies in business and education, and information security. I'm also CEO at Global Digital Services (Ukrainian web developer, IT consulting and IT services provider company), CIO at Kyiv Private Schools Association and co-owner of online education startup EduCasta. I have also worked on online projects for individuals and small to medium sized businesses.


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Join this course to learn the basic concepts and tools that you will need to build fully functional Linux based web server.

Build practical skills in Linux OS installation and web server setup with this tutorial for beginners.

  • Physical dedicated server set up
  • DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services virtual private server set up
  • Debian Linux operating system installation
  • Apache 2 web server, MySQL database and PHP installation
  • Tuning the web server for low memory systems
  • Setting up a personal web hosting

Powerful Tools at Your Fingertips

Learning Linux server setup essentials puts a very powerful and useful tools at your disposal. After finishing this course you will be able to organize your personal web hosting and any other web-based service out there, from e-mail to file sharing service.

Save money, take total control over your data and have fun!

Content and Overview

Suitable for beginning system administrators with zero experience in Linux administration. Through this course of 35 lectures (will be adding more regularly) you'll learn all of the fundamentals of web server administration, and gain experience in setting up Linux server OS and LAMP stack. Each chapter is packed with step-by-step guides which will put your new learned skills into practical use immediately.

You will start with choosing the right platform for your server. Then you will install Linux OS to the server and set up the LAMP stack. After that you will configure multiple Apache virtual hosts, create your first MySQL user and database, and finally you will install WordPress to your new server.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge and skills to set up and administrate their personal server.

Working through all the lections and command-line commands, you'll be able to instantly put the knowledge into practice, and will receive a verifiable certificate of completion upon finishing the course.

I hope you will be absolutely satisfied once you got through my course. I do my best to make sure this course meets your need and expectations. But if you're not satisfied with this course for ANY valid reason, contact me within 30 days from your purchase and I will refund in full. No questions asked. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Course content

  • Why You Might Need a Server?

  • How Can You Utilize a Personal Server

  • What You Need to Get Started

  • Simple Success Secret

  • Why Command Line is Great

  • Physical or Virtual Server?

  • Is Your PC Suitable to Run a Server?

  • Virtual Server - VPS or VDS?

  • Now You Are Ready

  • Installing Linux OS to Your Server

  • Installation Media (USB Drive) Preparation for Windows Users

  • Installation CD/DVD Preparation for Windows Users

  • Installation Media (USB Drive) Preparation for OS X Users

  • Installation CD/DVD Preparation for OS X Users

  • Installing Linux OS to Physical (Dedicated) Server

  • Why VPS is a Great Way to Avoid Linux OS Installation and Make Your Life Easier

  • Setting Up DigitalOcean Droplet

  • Setting Up Amazon EC2 Instance

  • Connect to and Communicate With Your Server via Secure Shell (SSH)

  • What is LAMP?

  • Installing and Configuring Apache Web Server

  • Installing and Configuring MySQL Database Server

  • Installing and Configuring PHP

  • Configuration Tips for Low Memory Systems (under 1Gb RAM)

  • Installing Some Power Tools to Your Server

  • Configure Multiple Apache Virtual Hosts

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