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This course will challenge students to look at the health science field from holistic and analytic perspectives to provide a basis for making sound personal health choices. Students will examine the range of philosophies that guide health care and consider ethical decision within those contexts.  Understanding the basic anatomy and physiology of the human body will provide a context for studying the normal and abnormal functioning of various body systems including the role of nutrition and metabolism.  Students will examine diagnostic tools and procedures and how they are used to inform treatment. Students will also investigate the range of health science careers and post-secondary programs available in Saskatchewan.

Systems of Study







Teaching Philosophy

Student learning is developmental in nature.  This is true even in high school.  Students that enter my classroom should leave with a better understanding of the curriculum, while at the same time have been provided a safe and nurturing environment, which allows the individual to develop abilities that can be utilized for life after high school and further into adulthood.

-Not about “college prep course”, but you should be able to search for relevant information, interpret findings, and develop an understanding of your own personal learning style(s).

-Not about making you into a scientist, but an appreciation for the complexity and interconnectedness that society has with science and technology.

-Not about doing “busy” work, but showing what level your ability is in many different capacities.

I challenge you to enter my class with an open mind and a willingness to leave my class with a better personal skill-set, being more knowledgeable about your world and a strong understanding of what you are capable of as a contributing member of society.


Students will be assessed of the curriculum outcomes, but reporting and grade assigning will be done using the Ministry of Education Goals of Science.  These areas have been identified by the Ministry of Education as the Goals of Science.

Knowledge Goal – refers to levels of understanding of course content as well as making cross curricular connections and then applying these understandings.

Scientific Skills – concerned with exploration, planning, analyzing and teamwork while working through problem-based learning and types of student inquiry.

Connections Goal – refers to understanding the social implications, real-life connections, environmental connections and a cultural awareness.

Each Goal of Science is worth 1/3 of your mark.  By assessing the student and reporting in these three areas, it is hoped to show a developmental nature of the course work and of student learning.  A final grade will be determined by averaging each Goal of Science.

Exams ...There will be a minimum of one exam per unit of study.

Assignments…There will be a minimum of 2-3 formal assignments per unit of study.

Final...The Final will consist of each Goal of Science.  Topics selected from the different outcomes will be included in the Final. Each Goal will be worth 8% of your final mark (for a total of 24%).

Homework Practice…will be monitored and information gathered will be used to inform the student as well as parents.  There are no marks given directly to completion of practice.  Homework will be monitored and information gathered will be used to inform the student as well as parents.

There are NO late marks deducted.  A mark is to represent your success in completing outcomes of the Provincial Curriculum.  The consequences of handing in late work includes one or more of the following:

  • Completion of the work during lunches
  • Completion of future work generally reserved for homework being only able to be done at lunch
  • Phone call home to inform parents/guardian
  • Discussion of continuation of course with school Administrators
  • Put on course continuation contract in which failure to complete will result in removal from the course

Academic Dishonesty (plagiarism, copied work, cheating during exams)

Will not necessarily result in a zero being assigned to the assessment.  Alternative assignments and/or a discussion about consequences including if it is in the best interest of the student to continue with the course will occur.

Use of Personal Technology

Students with personal devices such as Smartphones are expected to turn off/put away these devices before they come into my classroom.  It has become apparent over the years that many students have great difficulty focusing on classwork when these devices are close at hand.  Not only are students trying to sneak texts, pics or play games, there seems to be less interaction between students while waiting for the class to start or while in group settings.  I love technology and am hopeful that schools will become a place where information is discovered together.  As it stands right now, for many students it is an uncontrollable act with some developing into an addiction.

However, there will be times when access to technology will be allowed.  If you are unable to follow basic acceptable use policy, then you will lose the ability to use it at all times.

Inappropriate student use of their phone during class may result in the following:

  • Asked to leave the classroom
  • Asked to hand their phone to the office

Using the phone during washroom breaks is not allowed.  You may be asked to leave your cell phone in the class or with the teacher.

Work-Ahead Opportunities

There will be opportunities for students to complete work ahead of the classroom pace.  As this is in development, those opportunities are limited.  However, students can work on future assignments and hand them in before work periods.  Students that do complete the work ahead of time will be excused from the class time devoted to such work.  Parents/guardians must be made aware of this opportunity and will be required to sign a letter indicating as such.

Request for Reassessment

Students that experience difficulties may request to be reassessed.  This request is intended for students not currently achieving at a proficient level (meeting grade level expectations).  The difficultly may be from illness, prolonged absence, or having a difficult time understanding the material, developing the skill or making connections.  This is a formal process in which the student brings home a request form; the parent/guardian completes the form and then returns it. In order to be considered to be reassessed the student must:

- Have completed all homework prior to the initial day of the assessment. This includes all homework checks, reviews and notes.

- Must not have any unexcused/uncleared absences.

- Completion of additional material/practice to become better prepared.

- A parent-completed request form.

- Has not been distracted during class instruction (ie. cell phone use)

Missed Exams and Assignments

It is very important that you communicate any foreseeable absence with the teacher.  This includes experiencing difficulties with the pace of the course as well as timing of  tests and assignments.  I do not considered having a job and working an excessive amount of hours as a valid reason for putting your learning at risk.

If illness or acceptable absence occurs on the day of tests or assignments, the student should be prepared to complete or hand in the next available class.  Students that are absent for unacceptable reasons will be brought to the office to discuss continuation in the course and/or detentions.  Students may not be able to write a test or hand in an assignment until the administration has dealt with the situation.  Once the administration clears the student, a new date will be identified for the assessment.  The date may be the first day back in class or the assessment may be available on the day of the Final.

Contact Information

Email:  - emails will not likely be responded to after 5pm weekday and unlikely responded to at all on the weekends.

School phone: (306) 659-8622 (voicemail system during school hours)

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