Life Course Correction (Surviving and Thriving with an Addiction)


Elizabeth Anderson


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The course is divided into 10 parts, each of which include "Content" and "Tasks." Begin each segment by reading / viewing the Content, then click on the Tasks button in the menu bar above. You will find assignments and reflection questions for each part of the course. When you submit your answers, you will receive personalized feedback from your instructor, including follow-up exercises and assignments where appropriate. Questions? Don't hesitate to contact your instructor at

Check out the Life Course Correction workshop powerpoint guide - it follows along with the course as outlined here.The document is attached to part 1 - look to the bottom of the page where a document labeled LCC is available for download.

Each part of the course includes two thing - content and tasks. Complete the tasks for feedback from your instructor.We strongly suggest completing the task for each part of the course before moving on to the next part. To find the task, click "Tasks" in the menu bar above the course content. The "Content" button will bring you back to the main pages for each part.

Course content

  • Part 1: Defining Addiction

  • Part 2: Three Types of Addiction

  • Part 3: Blown Off Course

  • Part 4: Guilt and Shame

  • Part 5: Higher-Powered Recovery?

  • Part 6: Event - Meaning - Addiction

  • Part 7: Crystal Palace Cleansing Meditation

  • Part 8: Intention / Mechanism

  • Part 9: 12 Steps for All

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