Level 1 Volunteer Orientation


Jim Bennett


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Welcome to Operation Kindness

Thank you for volunteering to help us achieve our mission, which is to care for homeless cats and dogs in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into responsible homes and to advocate humane values and behavior. We love our volunteers!

This class will teach you what you need to know to get started as a volunteer. There are several topics which you can cover at your own pace. You move from topic to topice using the table of contents at the left of your screen, or the forward and back links at the bottom of each topic.

Once you have covered all the topics, you will take a quiz. Your quiz results will be sent to our Volunteer Manager Tomi Tucker. If you achieve at least ___% correct answers on the quiz, Tomi will email your completion certificate and you will be an official volunteer.

If you ever have questions about any aspect of volunteering, please feel free to email Tomi.

Every Animal is Amazing

Let's start by watching a short video about Operation Kindness:


Our History, and How You Fit In

Operation Kindness was founded by volunteers just like you. Founded in 1976, our first shelter was located in Garland. In 1988, the shelter relocated to Carrollton. We moved into our brand-new Sarah M. and Charles E. Seay Animal Shelter of July, 1999. To put 
things in perspective, our original shelter was not much bigger than the lobby in this building!

For many years, we did not have the funds to hire the full- and part-time professional staff we enjoy today. These dedicated professionals have the day-to-day responsibility of the care of the animals and maintenance of the shelter.

However, volunteers are still a major component in the success of Operation Kindness. In partnership with the staff, they are the goodwill ambassadors during interaction with the public. Volunteers do much of our fund-raising, and they are involved in every facet of the shelter operation and off-site events.

During orientation you will learn of the many areas volunteers are needed to help make Operation Kindness successful. Volunteering is a big job, and is taken very seriously here. Some of the opportunities require a lot of hard work, but nothing is more rewarding than comforting a frightened animal, giving it a hug, a walk, brushing its coat, or finding the perfect home for it.

It may take several visits to the shelter before you really begin to “catch on” to the routine here. That’s okay - feel free to ask other volunteers or staff for assistance. The more you volunteer, the more at home you will feel.

There are many animal organizations in the Metroplex, and although their policies may differ from ours, all are committed to doing their best to help the animals. We realize you have a choice in where you volunteer, and thank you for choosing Operation Kindness.

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