Lesson Scaffolding and Learning Progressions for CCF Education


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Lesson scaffolding is a method where the teacher models the learning activity then allows the student to learn through self discovery. Many times scaffolding involves multi level projects or assignments. 

Through my experience working as a classroom teacher in an urban school with second language learners, I have identified eight “scaffolding strategies” that I believe should always be considered when planning instruction for second language learners:


Learning Progressions are a system to develop sequential lessons or lessons that connect even while using different material. For example the students may be studying different topics in each unit of work but the overall material can be linked together. This concept goes very well with the concept of lesson scaffolding, hence they are covered together in this module. 

Lesson progressions are an important part of term planning. It is crucial for lessons to have connected elements that feed into the larger theme of learning of the same course at a minimum and ideally will connect to the themes of several subjects. 

The following diagram of Blooms taxonomy will provide decent insight into the effectiveness of many of the strategies covered in this module.

Course content

  • Reading Aloud

  • Modeling, Acting and Gestures

  • Intentional small group or partner learning

  • Sentence Structures and Starters

  • Connect to Background Knowledge

  • Graphic Organizers

  • Visuals and Realia

  • Activities Using First Language

  • Lesson Progressions

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