Dr. Jose Jurel Nuevo

Academic Dean/ Medical Laboratory Scientist

He is currently the Vice-President of the Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology & Public Health (PASMETH, Inc.), a member of the Technical Committee for Medical Technology Education, Member Pool of Experts of the CHED Ladderized Education Program and member of the Regional Quality Assessment Team (RQAT) of the NCR, Region IV-A, and Region III for Medical Technology of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). He is the Editor in Chief of Asia Pacific Journal of Medical Laboratory Science. Very recently, he has been elected as SECRETARY GENERAL of the ASEAN Association of Schools of Medical Technology (AASMT).

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Mark Christian Dela Cruz


The course provides an overview and understand on the different legal issues associated with clinical laboratory management. Case study presentation is the main mode of discussions as well as citation of law/s for every cases will be included in the presentation.

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