Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) in Eliademy


Sergey Gerasimenko


Sergey is a co-founder and the Chief Product Officer at CBTec. Originally from the south of Russia, Sergey has a background in computer science and engineering and is passionate about great user experience. Prior to CBTec, Sergey worked at Nokia where he managed software projects for N900 and N9 and helped developing one of first home automation systems. He graduated with Master Degree from Helsinki University of Technology where he studied Mobile Computing and with Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from South Federal University in Russia. He loves sculpting, outdoors activities such as biking and hiking, and considers videogames and graphical novels a new form of art.

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Good course for Edu apps

A good course for Edu apps.


Figure 1. LTI in a nutshell

Eliademy supports embedding external tools as course content attachments via Learning Tools Interoperability™ (LTI) protocol. Some applications are pre-configured for the end user and additional apps can be added individually.

In order to get a general overview of how LTI works, please refer to IMS Global tutorial. Official documentation fully covers all major concepts of LTI protocol. The next figure illustrates the basic of LTI.

If you are interested in developing LTI compatible applications, please follow the official developer documentation. For authentication purposes LTI relies on the OAuth protocol. For an extensive description, please refer to Basic LTI Security Model section in LTI 1.0 spec.

We prepared this simple course for developers who want to enable LTI for their apps. Enroll to see more.

In the meantime we will continue working on adding compliance with LTI 1.1. This will allows students to receive a grade in LTI compatible application and seamlessly pass it back to Eliademy grading interface.


P.S. 100% of the revenue from this course is given back to support Eliademy infrastructure and development costs. By purchasing this course you help make Eliademy better and better. Learn more at Support Eliademy.

Course content

  • The Problem & the Solution

  • History and current state of LTI

  • LTI 1.0 implementation example

  • App Catalogs

  • Further reading

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