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carlmila simol


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Hi and good day Iddin,

KIndly find the copy of Index of Learning Styles Questionnaires attached and complete the questions. This is not a test so there are no "right' or "wrong" answers. It is more of a self-assessment on your learning preferences. Merely click the answer to indicate which answer is more typical of you.

I really appreciate any help given to me and if you have some questions or concerns, you can use open feedback section and will discuss on it with you. I hope that this will not taking much time from your schedule. 

Thank you very much. 



Kak Carlmila


Please click this website :  https://www.engr.ncsu.edu/learningstyles/ilsweb.html

 ( Kindly answer 44 a-b questions and submit the survey, and their four preferences are reported back to you immediately to be copied or printed out. kindly copied or print the result out before close the pop-out window because the results are not stored: when the report window is closed, the results are irretrievably lost. )

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