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Korean. It can be completely impossible to understand on your own. That's why we have this course. It will help you understand the very basics of the language, and help you to improve on the knowledge you already have. 

This course is made for beginners and for absolute beginners as well. By the end students will be able to communicate simply in Korean and have a grasp on the language.


The course will be separated into 3 units.

Unit 1 will focus on the basic framework and structure.

Unit 2 dives deeper into creating basic sentences, learning about honorifics and natural speaking.

Unit 3 will allow you to create more complex sentences and express ideas.

Course content

  • Resources

  • Unit 1

  • Unit 1 - Lesson 1: Korean Alphabet and Pronunciations

  • Unit 1 - Lesson 2: SOV Structure

  • Unit 1 - Lesson 3: Grammatical Markers

  • Unit 1 - Lesson 4: Verb Conjugations

  • Unit 1 - Lesson 5: Tenses

  • Unit 2

  • Unit 3

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