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Andrew Cannon

Executive Director

My role as Executive Director of GRBN is to ensure GRBN's success in achieving its mission of promoting and advancing the business of research, across the globe, by supporting and developing strong national associations.


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FocusVision is the leading global provider of quantitative and qualitative technology solutions to the market research industry. We offer best-in-class video streaming for focus groups and ethnographic research, online software and mobile device usability studies, and the most advanced survey programming and reporting tools.

For 25 years, our innovative solutions have enabled qualitative researchers to get close to consumers, observe their stories, and obtain better insights. Now our quantitative research products collect the raw data to put those insights to better use. FocusVision simply provides the most in-depth Quant+Qual research tools available from any single company allowing research professionals to engage with respondents in any place, at any time and all on one platform.

FocusVision recently released, The 12th annual Market Research Technology Report.

This annual report, which surveys over 200 research companies worldwide, provides a unique set of information and insights into the interplay of technology and methodology within the market research industry. The report reveals an industry that is innovating incrementally in a number of different areas, though possibly not as fast as it needs to.

Watch our 30 minute webinar to gain a snapshot of the current usage, attitudes and predictions from practitioners including trends in:​

  • ​Research modes
  • The growth and development of online research communities
  • Blending Quant+Qual research methodologies
  • Innovation – how innovative the industry is and what drives innovation

Download the full report to learn about the future of the market research, and examples of FocusVision’s proactive efforts to improve the industry as a whole.


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With  over 350 employees and offices in the US, the UK, Bulgaria, Brazil, Australia and Singapore, we are here when you need us: https://www.focusvision.com/contact/

United States: +1 (800) 433-8128

United Kingdom: +44 1892 521075


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