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Lean Six Sigma is a powerful and a well proven business philosophy with data-driven mindset on quality and customer satisfaction improvement. Although Lean Six Sigma is focused on improving the quality and reducing the processes cycle time, its bottom line is linked with business metrics and especially with costs savings.

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course develops and certifies the knowledge and skills of a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt candidate. The course includes the methods, develops the project management as well as the change management skills required to use DMAIC methodology to improve processes performance.

The course is characterized by experiential learning, customized exercises, skill-based training and practical statistics translated to an easy to understand terms and concepts. 

Certification is based on in-class assignments, active participation, successful passage of quizzes given during the training and a successful completion of a project.

Like everything else, learning Lean Six Sigma doesn’t have to be a boring and a burden process. That is the reason why this course is more of hands on rather than just a theoretical training. After providing the theoretical content examples and interactive exercises are given to immediately practice “as we learn”. 

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