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Jamal Rahmaan
Fun learning and great knowledge. Arabic is easy and exciting.
Jamal Rahmaan


The purpose of this course is to prepare individuals for leadership in the community. Allah (تعلى) says in the Quran, “And those who say, Our Lord grant us spouses and children who are the comfort of our eyes, and make us Leaders (Imams) of the righteous.”  This course covers many topics providing an extensive knowledge base and a wide range of training on integral skill sets required for leadership.  The course is dynamic and structured to provide immediate impact.  Participants are actively engaged in the community structure, development, and governance as a requirement for course completion from start to finish. Some of the course topics and information covered are as follows:

  • Working Knowledge of 5 pillars/6 articles of faith 

  • Examples of Qur’anic Leadership

  • Reading, Writing, Translation of Salaat 

  • Qur’anic Memorization (minimum 25 Surah) 

  • Intermediate-advanced Arabic Grammar 

  • Insights into the Life of Muhammad for Today’s Leaders 

  • Critical Thinking Skills in Leadership 

  • Conflict Resolution/Managing Criticism 

  • Time Management (How to balance Priorities) 

  • Effective Public Speaking

  • Program Planning/Logistics and Operations

  • Introduction to Islamic Law & Jurisprudence

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