Nashville Launch Pad: Volunteer Safety


Derek Gibson


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Welcome to Volunteer Safety Training. This course was created for Launch Pad Nashville, an organization that provides safe sleeping shelters to youth who are experiencing homelessness. We created this course for our volunteers. 

Course Goals

The Volunteer Training course will ready Launch Pad volunteers to adopt the attitudes and behaviors necessary to optimize their own safety and the safety of all volunteers and guests when working at one of our shelters. 

Learning Objectives 

1. Volunteers will be able to set and maintain appropriate boundaries with guests.

2. Volunteers will be able to demonstrate knowledge of social media policy. 

3. Volunteers will be able to know how to report safety concerns to the board and director.

4. Volunteers will be able to identify and practice de-escalation and conflict resolution strategies. 

Evaluations are accessible under the "Tasks" Tab

1. Take "Volunteer Safety: Do's and Don'ts" quiz. 


Head over to the "Discussion" tab where you'll find a place to post questions. We'll review these before our on-site training and make sure we address them. 


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