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This study is designed to expand one’s knowledge of one of the most interesting time periods based on the first hand accounts and stories found in Latin texts. For anyone with an interest in the Classics, is imperative to have a solid understanding of the changes in Roman society that came about within its vast history and the people involved.

The course begins with a basic course in Latin translation, including the review and study of nouns, verbs, and basic terms. 

As the course continues, the student will begin to understand Latin and be challenged with more difficult texts, following the timeline of Roman history. By evaluating several of the prominent texts, including Caesar and Cicero, the student will gain insight into the years between 100 and 42 BCE. These powerful works offer first hand accounts and are essential to understanding society in these very important years. Through ancient authors’ accounts, one can appreciate each individual and their distinctive roles.

This study will: (1.) be practice with translating difficult Latin texts, (2.) provide an interesting way to translate Latin, (3.) give valuable information on key figures, (4.) serve as a tool to understand the collapse of Republican government, and (5.) examine how the Latin language developed (mainly under Cicero).

The overview of the various authors will (1.) serve as a tool to help translate and analyze Latin texts, (2.) provide important material on Roman history, (3.) give an understanding to their influence and famous writings, while also (4.) providing a chance to gain important practice in Latin.


The course is aimed at:

  • Developing skills in translating Latin.
  • Examining ancient texts in their original form. 
  • A detailed understanding of Roman rhetoric and literature.
  • Understanding different people and the Roman society throughout history.  

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