Lasallian Integration Program


Marvin Sipin

Br. Marvin Y. Sipin FSC Faculty, LSGH


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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to La Salle Green Hills!

This is to officially welcome you to our online classroom for the Lasallian Integration Program. Feel free to explore the various features of this site and in the process, do not be afraid to commit mistakes.

This site will contain the topics, readings, videos, and other material that we will be discussing in class. There will be some online activities/tasks that will be also posted here. So make sure you are familiar with the feature of this site.


Lasallian Integration Program is a course designed for the new students of the Senior High School of La Salle Green Hills. This course is aimed to: (1) guide the students in the gradual process of enculturation to La Salle Green Hills, (2) introduce and reflect upon the life and works of Saint John Baptist de La Salle and other Lasallian Saints and Blessed, (3) present the Lasallian Mission in the Philippines, and (4) instill to the students the Lasallian Core Values of Faith, Service, and Communion.


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