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Price is a subject for European Value Added Tax (VAT). If you live outside of EU, you won't have to pay VAT. If you do live in EU, we will automatically calculate correct amount of VAT based on your billing country.


Kevin O'Sullivan


I am an ex institutional money broker having working for major broking houses in London and Frankfurt. I have turned over $ billions in trades and when I left the city a few years ago I wanted to dedicate my time to the retail sector. I have been working and advising investment banking firms and private individuals all over the globe. With the help and advice from some seasoned professionals we have put together an A-Z training package that teaches people how to trade currencies via technical analysis; patterns! The big institutions live and breathe by these recurring patterns and trade them to certain levels; all of which are set out in this course. In my spare time I like to write. I have one novel under my belt and I am currently working on 2 movie scripts.


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***** My course is currently offered at a special introductory offer price, €250.

Learning overview

The objective of the KOS Forex Academy education course is to teach you how the currency market operates and show you how professional traders make money. The Forex market is the most liquid and profitable business on the planet with over $4 trillion dollars changing hands every day. It operates 24/5 and can be traded online from your home/office.

With the use of written text, audio and video presentations, we will take you through every aspect of the Forex market, including its history, the different time zones, the key players, types of traders, how prices are quoted and how you will be able to mitigate risk of loss of your equity. All of this is set out in 23 modules.

We will focus on two currencies (pair); the US Dollar and the Euro; EUR/USD. We will look at various types of analysis showing how this pair (the largest combined market share) trade against each other. We will identify the tricks the big guns use to trade with and we will then supply you with the technology to trade this pair in confidence, while making regular and consistent profits and where your winning trades should outnumber your losing trades by 7-3, and where your losses will be minimized.

At the end of the course you will have learned a new profession and after a few weeks trading on the practice account you could be trading like a professional

Learning objectives and outcomes

At the end of the course students will

  • develop a detailed understanding of how the currency market works.
  • gain skills to be able to trade currencies, from home, in order to gain an extra income stream, either part time, or full time.

Assessment criteria

  • No assessment is required as real skills are developed over time on a practice platform via the charting package, which will be provided. We will introduce you to this free charting package and also specialist software which you can download to your computer and install by following our video instructions.

Course requirements

  • Computer with Internet access.
  • No skills are needed for this course, however, an analytical ability and attention to detail would be very useful.  

Course level

  • Beginner to advanced

Course duration

  • The course is a one-day course, but the real learning comes 'on the job' over several weeks on a practice account

About the instructor

I spent 20 years as an institutional currency broker, working at some of the best broking houses in the world.  We regularly closed deals of $25 million per ticket and up to $1 billion. The consultants who have assisted putting the course together are ex institutional brokers and current traders. We know the market and we understand the way it operates.

Here at KOS Forex Academy, we have developed an A-Z training course that covers everything a person needs to know about the Forex market, all told in simple terminology and in bite size pieces. At the end of the course our students are prepared to trade along side the giants of the industry. 

One of the most incredible things about the Forex market is that 24/5 $4 trillion a day changes hands, and that a great deal of this liquidity comes about from traders who use technical analysis to enter trades: in other words the follow patterns on their screens to tell them when to trade! We have developed a system of patterns which are included in the course and which, when used correctly, offer a high probability of consistent winning trades.

Course content

  • Disclaimer

  • Introduction – Kevin O’Sullivan

  • Table of contents

  • 1) Equipment needed / inexpensive is ok

  • 2) Introduction of the Forex market

  • 3) Time zones

  • 4) Who trades currencies?

  • 5) Types of traders

  • 6) Retail brokerage concept and inception

  • 7) Explanation of pairs, pricing and quotes

  • 8) Leverage & Lot size

  • 9) Margin

  • 10) Critical factors

  • 11) Fundamental analysis

  • 12) Technical analysis

  • 12) Technical analysis - Trading with candlestick patterns

  • 12) Technical Analysis - Looking for a trend

  • 12) Technical Analysis - Price action:

  • 12) Technical Analysis - Moving Averages (MA)

  • 12) Technical Analysis - Bollinger bands

  • 12) Technical Analysis - Stochastic oscillator

  • 12) Technical Analysis - MACD oscillator

  • 12) Technical Analysis - US Dollar Index

  • 12) Technical Analysis - Key price levels

  • 12) Technical Analysis - Higher highs and higher lows

  • 12) Technical Analysis; several of our indicators on the same chart simultaneously

  • 12) Technical Analysis; a trade set up example using divergence:

  • 12) Technical Analysis; added security

  • 13) Putting it all together

  • 14) Trade Example

  • 14, Cont. Going long or short

  • 15) Correlation

  • 16) Risk / money management

  • 16) cont. Stop loss

  • 16) cont. Scaling out

  • 16) cont. Trailing stops

  • 16) cont. Limit order

  • 17) Trader psychology

  • 18) Daily routine / putting it all together

  • 19) Types of brokers: STP, NDD and ECN: STP, NDD and ECN

  • Broker dealing terminal screen shots

  • 20) MetaTrader MT4 platform video tutorial and indicator download

  • 21) Spread Betting

  • 22) Useful websites

  • 23) Forex glossary

  • Good luck

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