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Callum Steel
Eva Zivanovic
Cristina Pedrosa Lewis
Just passed my Business English Teacher Training!
John Barter
Some of it is helpful. However, there are many spelling and grammatical errors, which doesn't look great when trying ti impress trainee teachers of English. Some 'correct' answers seem to contradict the Kleinson training content.


Note: Before starting this training, we need to have all your information registered. If you have not submitted your personal information or it has changed since the last time you did it; please fill out the form found in the following link:


If you have already done it, you do not need to do it again. 

Tests to do: 

At the end of some chapters you will see the following logo:

This means you need to go to TASKS (see top left corner, third tab) and select the test on that chapter. There is only one right answer per question and you can only do the test once.  At the end of this training you 'll also need to do a final quiz!



The Kleinson Teacher Training is a detailed outline of what is expected of you while working at Kleinson and is meant to serve as a guide to help youYou will find a variety of information ranging from consultant expectations to daily procedures in the following pages. 


Last review: Alberto Martin 21/02/2017


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