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Internship at Kleinson

What it is like to work here, how to make the most of your time in Madrid, and get the most from your interning experience. 

Everyone here at Kleinson works hard, within reason. There is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and a fairly relaxed culture. This of course varies with everyone's own opinion, but overall you are not expected to 'take the office home' with you. The hours may seem long at first if you are not used to working in a full-time position with a typical '9-5' office job. Some coffee and a decent nights sleep and you should be fine. Most Interns do not find their time here to be too stressful, and you shouldn't feel like you're under too much pressure. If you feel your workload is too much for you to handle, make sure you speak up and talk to someone here at the office. You are expected to work hard and do your best to understand and have a go at your projects. You shouldn´t get stressed out. Everyone at Kleinson is friendly and relaxed for the most part :)

One of the first things to know is who your direct supervisor is. This should be either Alberto or Ianina typically. This is just so you know who you can ask for days off, go to for more work, or who to ask questions relating to your work.

The work is generally enjoyable, but if you find it isn't, it will most likely be beneficial for your learning experience so make the most of it. Tasks that are not mentally stimulating such as simple copying and pasting text or inputting data repeatedly, are not necessarily exciting tasks. However, it is something that needs to be done and it will give you a realistic preview of a downside to almost any job. Don't expect just to be given fun stuff. Your supervisor will give you a range of tasks in different areas, with different levels of skills required and processes. Remember to always email your work back to your supervisor (or whoever assigned it) once you complete it.

Be open-minded and willing to learn, nothing should be so difficult or stressful that you should be constantly worrying. It is all a learning experience, to grow personally and professionally. Ask lots of questions, or ask to join in on meetings and training sessions. Because the office is small and we are all in communication with one another, you see a lot of what goes on 'behind the scenes' that you may not see at a bigger company. The projects and tasks you are given within this independent and autonomous working environment are often challenging and you may work on more than one at once.

Some other important skills that you should expect to learn are: teaching how to prioritise, meet deadlines, work in a team and enhance your time management skills.

Provided there is another intern working at Kleinson at the same time, you will most likely have projects to do with them. Generally between the two of you there will be a leader and a helper, depending on your time at Kleinson. For example, if you are given a project from The Academic Coordnator you will be responsible for organising the project and explaining to the other intern what you need help with. Depending on the task, most of these teamwork projects are fairly evenly shared.

Lastly, during your internship your supervisor will give you feedback on your performance with two evaluations, one half-way through your internship and one at the end. It is up to you to discuss with your supervisor when this shall happen. They should also remind you and give you one weeks notice, but it is ultimately up to you to decide on what date this will take place (to make sure you will be here). There is a template to fill out to self-evaluate your performance which you will asses with your supervisor. They will tell you from their perspective what they believe you excel at and what you can work on to improve. Make sure in the evaluations that if there is anything you want to know in particular about how you are doing, i.e. dressing appropriately, professional manner, workplace relations, and anything else not assessed in the self-eval template, to ask.  


  • Ask questions! Always try to look for the answer yourself first. However, if you simply forgot or need something explained again, ask. If it is a quick yes/no question, just ask. If it takes a little longer to explain, email them.
  • Think for yourself- You are expected to be very independent and complete tasks on your own with little direction (depending on the task). You will always get an explanation of what it is you are doing, examples and standard expectations. 
    • If there is something happening like a meeting or an event that you think you would benefit from observing, ask if it is alright to sit in. Unlike America, UK, and Australia where you usually wait to be invited by your supervisor to join, in Spain you must think for yourself and ask.
    • At Kleinson, we are very open and welcoming to new ideas. If there is a new project or idea you wish to share or undergo, don't be afraid to talk to your supervisor about it. You will almost certainly be free to research and have a go at it.
    • Constantly be checking your emails and always reply even just to let the sender know you have recieved it.
  • Enjoy! The more you put into your internship, the more you are going to get out of it. Going above and beyond what is expected is entirely up to you. Whether you simply do the task at a 'pass' level, or go one step further is your choice. Of course, the further you go the more impressive and appreciated it is. This will benefit not just the company, but you as well. 

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