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The Kleinson Way

Kleinson is a young company which started as a small language consultancy founded in 2008 by Iñaki Nieto and which has doubled in the past two years alone. This means that development is part of the objectives for all members of our team. The essentials of working with us are as simple as taking care of our current and potential clients, our teachers and everybody involved in the working process. Our main priority is to keep our clients happy and giving them the best that we can. To do this, we apply a set of core values to everything we do


1.       Transparency

2.       Kindness

3.       Proactivity

4.       Creativity and innovation

5.       Professionalism


The principles above constitute the core of Kleinson´s philosophy. Every member of the team is expected to convey these principles while working with and representing Kleinson.


Company info:

Razón social: World Languages Consultancy SLU

Nombre comercial: Kleinson

Administrador/Titular: Ignacio Nieto Rodríguez

CIF: B85226488

Dirección Fiscal: Calle Apodaca 6, 4ª A

Dirección oficina: Calle San Bernardo 20, 6ª Planta

CP: 28015

Ciudad: Madrid 

Provincia: Madrid 

Teléfono: 911400570

Sitio web: www,kleinson.es


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