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Welcome to CNA Prep Course!

The CNA Preparatory Class is designed to prepare the student for successful completion of the National Testing Exam administered by Pearsonvue.  This class concentrates on theory and hands on labs that will allow the student to identify correct procedures needed to become certified as a nursing assistant in the state of North Carolina.

Kingdom Developmental Services, Inc. has been teaching CNA prep courses since 2006 in a variety of settings. Each class is customized to the class size and learning abilities of the students present. We use interactive and innovative approaches to increase the student’s retention of materials taught.

This class will run from 3/3/2015 through 3/11/2015 with one in-class day scheduled.

This class will also include a hands on clinical lab that will assist you in successfully learning the techniques that will allow you to pass the clinical portion of the national exam.

Although this portion of this class in online, we are always accessible via email and/or phone call.

Your degree of work will depend on your overall success.  You must sucessfully pass theory portion of this class in order to participate in the hands on lab.

You will recieve further information regarding the clinical lab later this week.

Again WELCOME  and let's get started!!

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