Edwina Corbett

Personal Life Coach

I am a Personal Life Coach. I enjoy helping other people realize their potential and helping them break through the barriers that have held them back in the past. I live in Sydney Australia and love nothing more than meeting new people and visiting new places. I am currently studying NLP Master Course which will help improve my skills and expand my qualities as a Life Coach.


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If you come from a non-sales background, you will find that selling yourself is more challenging than it seems. You have to overcome common objections and skepticism's. And what about dealing with people if you're not really a people person?

To top that off, you might be having some or more of the following concerns:

  • How do I market my coaching program?
  • How and where do I find clients?
  • Public speaking isn't my cup of tea but I'm willing to learn. Got a crash course on that?
  • How do I know if have what it takes to become a coach? And if I lack some of the key criteria, how do I meet the requirements quickly? 
  • A Coaching program can be profitable but will take up a lot of my time. Is there any way I can spend less time or better still, automate it?

This course consists of audio/video guides on starting your own coaching program, this course is made for the ambitious professional and coaching superstars in the making who are serious about helping other people to enrich specific areas of their lives...with a more personal touch.

Instead of taking years of trial and error (not to forget guesswork), you now have everything you need to know  right here.

No fluff. No guesswork. Just pure content with actionable steps.

Every session comes with Video, Transcript pdf and Audio for your convenience.

To help ingrain what you are learning, it is recommended that you print the Transcript pdf so you can read as you listen.  Very useful for quick revision.

Course content

  • Session 1:  Kick Start Your Coaching Program

  • Session 2:  How to Structure an Effective Coaching Program That Works

  • Session #3: Teaching 101

  • Session #4: Crash Course In Public Speaking

  • Session #5: How and Where to Find Clients

  • Session #6: Automating Your Coaching Career

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