Kennesaw State University OPT Information for F-1 Visa Students


Kenny Randolph

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Junan Zhao
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This course is designed for F-1 visa students at Kennesaw State University to learn about or review Optional Practical Training. This information reiterates the information presented at the on campus workshops.

The course consists of 6 modules:

1. Introduction and eligibility

2. Application timeline, process of application, and documents needed

3. Rules, responsibilities, and the 90 day reporting rule

4. Traveling while on OPT

5. Transitions after OPT

6. The STEM extension

Course content

  • Introduction to OPT and Eligibility

  • Application Timeline, Process, and Documents Necessary

  • Rules, Responsibilities, and 90 Day Reporting Rule

  • Traveling While on OPT

  • Transitions after OPT

  • The OPT STEM Extension

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