Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy


Winston Mwale

Am a Malawian-based award-winning Social Entrepreneurial Journalist, ready to share knowledge with an aim of finding solutions dogging the world today. With a combined teaching and journalism experience of over 15 years, I think I have something to offer the world. Join me and see what I'll never regret.


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Introductory Letter

Dear Course Participant:

Greetings and welcome to our e-course " Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy"!

Welcome to the exciting world of journalism!

This is a totally new and different kind of journalism course. It will surely thrill, excite and challenge you-lead you to UNDERSTAND real journalism.

Have you ever wondered how good news stories are written? Where reporters get stories from? What makes a good journalist? How news stories are structured?

In college classrooms these are taught as theories-often leaving students bewildered, with very little understanding of what they are supposed to do.

This e-course is entirely different-it is all together UNIQUE! A trail blazer! The informative, eye-opening lessons make plain the real meaning behind today's journalism. Our lessons answer the "unanswerable" journalistic challenges many journalists face today.

With the assistance of your tutors, you'll study the clear, plain, simple truth of journalism-and why a few really understand it.

All you need to study with this e-course is ...your HARD working spirit.

You will find these lessons stirring, vitally interesting-not dry or dull. They simply sparkle with interest.

The " Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy" e-course is a guided 4-week course designed purely for educational purposes to help you quickly grasp the concepts of journalism, and help you write publishable news stories.

The end result and success of this 'marathon' e-course depends upon your diligence in reading and studying all the lessons posted on our Facebook Group (Global Writers Bureau), or via email, alongside other materials that you may get to supplement our material.

The course contains nine modules. The lessons will be posted onto the Facebook Group one at a time, along with other related information and an assignment to quiz you on the material in the lesson. A timeframe will always be provided for these assignments.

Once we receive your answers to the assignment, we will process it and post the next lesson to the learning platform, along with your grade for the previous test/assignment.

Remember-there is no tuition cost to you whatsoever-these lessons are absolutely free of charge-the only cost to you will be the production of your Certificate of Completion.

The e-course is designed to last one month (it could be extended), as we intend to train over 1, 000 journalists/writers every year. Therefore, we call for total seriousness, discipline and hard work on your part. We'll expect speedy writing of assignments by all course participants-this course is NOT for the 'faint-hearted'!

After passing the final test, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which you'll have paid for prior to writing your final test.

This e-course has been prepared by and is administered by Frontline Media (MBRS1001822), a Malawian-based mass media company, and all course participants who show good grades will be given a chance to test their writing skills on our website, Frontline

Frontline Media is a privately owned mass media company offering services like advertising and media training and consultancy. The e-course " Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy" is NOT an accredited course, but is offered for educational purposes.

Frontline Media's objective is to create a Worldwide Community of Journalists, who would eventually help in strengthening democracy in their respective countries by telling the untold stories. While thousands of universities worldwide teach the theories of journalism, Frontline Media focuses on teaching practical journalism. If-after reading this-you still have questions about the course, fell free to contact us at your convenient time.

Welcome to the world of journalism-it’s exciting to be a journalist!

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Frontline Media

 (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)


Table of contents


Module 1: Introduction to Journalism
* Introduction to Journalism
* History of Journalism

Module 2: The Nature of News
* What is News?
* Attributes of News
* News Virtues

Module 3: News Gathering
* What Makes a Good Reporter?

* Sources of News
* Interviewing Skills

Module 4: The Journalist and the Law
* Introduction to Media Law
* The Law of Defamation
* The Law of Copyright

Module 5: The Ethics of Journalism
* Introduction to Journalism Ethics
* A Look at Codes of Media Ethics: Malawi Media Council Code of Ethics

Module 6: English for the Journalist
* Journalese: Verbs of Attribution
* Don’t Make Mistakes, Too

Module 7: News Writing
* The Inverted Pyramid Style of Writing
* Lead Writing Simplified

*News Structure

*Writing the Body of a News Story

Module 8: Court and Sports Reporting Explained
* What to Avoid in Court Reporting
* Remember the Facts about Court Reporting
*A Quick Reporting about Sports Reporting

* Facebook announcements

~Introductory Letter
* Why journalism is exciting?
* Why journalism sucks?
* Tips about security
* New media/digital media (why everything has changed)

Exercises: At the end of each lecture there is an exercise or exercises which students are expected to write promptly and return for marking. The marked scripts, with detailed comments from the tutor, are returned to the student, and then the student has to move on to the next lecture.

Final Examination: The final examination is set by Frontline Media, and the exam covers the following main areas of the course: News Gathering and News Writing. The examination is written by the student at home, at no extra cost whatsoever.

Final Course Grade: The final course grade is worked out on the basis of continuous assessment, ie it is determined by the student’s overall performance in the course exercises, assignments and the final examination. And, in view of the practical nature of journalism as a profession, the course exercises and assignments contribute 75% to the final course grade, while the final exam contributes 25%.

There are four possible final grades: Completion (for students failing the course); Pass, Pass with Credit, and Pass with Distinction.


Frontline Media organizes attachment practicals with Frontline Newz (, its online magazine, for those of its students who show great promise by consistently getting good grades in the course exercises and assignments. Such assignments are organized only for students completing the course.


All students completing the course are awarded an attractively designed Certificate, showing the student’s final course grade. Certificates of students who do attachments with Frontline Newz will indicate that.


The Frontline Media’s Intermediate Practical Journalism Course is ideal for school leavers interested in taking up journalism as a career, working journalists who want to improve their skills.

Course content

  • Module 1: Introduction to Journalism (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 1: Introduction to Journalism (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 1: Introduction to Journalism (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 2: The Nature of News (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 2: The Nature of News (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 2: The Nature of News (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 3: News Gathering (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 3: News Gathering (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 3: News Gathering (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 4: Media Law (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 4: Media Law (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Module 4: Media Law (Journalism as a Tool to Strengthen Democracy)

  • Why Journalism is Exciting?-Oleksiy Synylo

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